Dream bee

    Dream with a bee has a lot of interpretations and its meaning depends on certain circumstances.

    Dream with bees, living in unexplored wildness and flying freely, means abundance, prosperity, success in social life and personal happiness, and also success in love and probable profit.

    Dream with a bee, which drinks nectar from flower calmly, tells us about future relationship and romantic love.

    If you are dreaming about honey in hive, it is a sigh of future money stream, even though, maybe nor legal.

    If you are dreaming about bee bite or you were caught in hive and bees fly aggressively above you – it is a bad sigh, which means troubles, hardship, betrayal, struggle with decease and problems with health… But if you succeeded in killing bees, it means that a big progress is in front of you.

    If you see bees flying above your head, it means that you will achieve a high position in your company.

    In case you are dreaming about killing bees, it doesn’t promise anything good and can mean that you are going to have a difficult battle to get rid of old enemy.

    If in your dream you see a bee-queen, it is a very good sign of calm life without troubles, you are waiting for success in work or business, good economic position. It is also a sigh of excellent relationship with your kids. You can find out about new child.
    Dream about quiet hive, where bees work calmly and don’t get nervous, means abundance and luck in business. If in dream bees live in a hive in your farm, it means an increase of your financial state, business successes, happiness.

    If in your dream you see bees flying in waste area, it means that soon certain people will chose it as their home.

    If you are dreaming about being attacked by a swarm of wicked bees, it is a sigh that shows future problems in society with your partners, possible fights and conflicts.  

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