Chinese horoscope


       The basis of chinese horoscope is calendar astrology and Chinese philosophy. A key number in the eastern Chinese horoscope is number 12. It is no coincidence, that not only in the eastern, but also in other calendar systems, the accepted division of the year is into 12 calendar intervals. According to legend, exactly 12 animals worshiped to Jade Emperor (it is how in ancient Chinese philosophy mythological lord of the sky was called), and for this, each of these animals received the right to "protect" a whole year. So it is how a 12-year cycle of animals – protectors of a year, on which eastern astrology founds.


Chinese horoscope and astrology


    Calendar cycles in eastern astrology, like planetary cycles in western astrology reflect cosmic phenomena and mysteries of the universe, but in another form. As despite the fact that the lifestyle of modern people is very different from the lifestyle of ancient ones, the influence of the universe on our fates doesn’t change. We feel the influence of the moon, which runs the night dark side of the earth, manages tides and many processes in living organisms, and the sun, which is the symbol of day light side of our lives. This dual nature of life which bases Chinese philosophy finds its reflection in the eastern horoscope. Yin and Yang - two basis, male and female, top and bottom, light and darkness, the sun and the moon - they correspond to diametrically opposite points of the annual cycle of the eastern horoscope. Besides, the ancient Chinese calendar, which is the basis of the eastern horoscope, reflects not only the signs of year, but also includes mathematical laws, the theory of the formation of musical number, medical knowledge, and, of course, the laws of the planets, which also influence our life.


Chinese Philosophy


       According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, the universe and the processes taking place in it, obey to certain laws. They have been formulated and correspond the basis of Chinese philosophy of Tao. According to it, everything in the world submits to the common principle, which is based on division of the universe into two forces or energies - Yin and Yang. Interaction and transition from one to another is explored by Chinese philosophy of Tao.
      In astrology, the Chinese philosophy is expressed by the energies of the opposite basis which exist in permanent interaction, progress and penetration of each other. Two opposites that exist everywhere and on which the eastern horoscope is built - two poles, two antipodes, and their connections create the whole palette of life, and their interpenetration and just proportion balances the universe, the world and mankind.

    Yang, according to Chinese philosophy, is an active, masculine, Yin - a passive, femanine. At the same tine in eastern horoscope Yang is not necessary a symbol of a man, and Yin – of a woman. In Chinese philosophy it is different types of energy, which could have any man, regardless of sex. Besides, each part of the force contains the basis of the opposite, which can have a further development. In other words, as man can have the power of Yin, a woman can have the power of Yang. Yin and Yang - is the principle of mutual complementarity, which came to Eastern astrology from Chinese philosophy. Yin and yang can not exist without each other, and only together they make a unit. 


Annual chinese horoscope


       The most popular of the lunar-solar calendar, which was used in China, is a cyclic eastern calendar. Its cycle contains of five periods, each of them consists of 12 years, so the duration of each calendar cycle is 60 years. Each of the five periods is controlled by one of five elements: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth. Twelve-year cycle corresponds to the classic signs of Chinese horoscope. The change of element occurs every two years, the change of sign - every year. Accordingly, the repetition of the same element and sign occurs once in 60 years. For example, the year of  1973, according to Chinese horoscope, was the year of the Water sign Ox, and the repetition of this combination will be in 2033, exactly in 60 years. The year of 2010 is the year of the Metal Tiger, his analogy will be 60 years, so the year of 2070 according to Chinese horoscope also will be the year of the Metal Tiger.


Animals of  the chinese horoscope


       According to Chinese horoscope, every year is under the protection of one of the 12 animals. A set of signs or animals of the eastern horoscope is: Rat, Ox (Buffalo), Tiger, Rabbit (Cat), Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig (Boar). This list of animals is certainly not accidental. Each of them gives their year specific characteristics and traits which are combined with the elements and forces (energies), corresponding to Chinese philosophy. Putting it all together, basing on ancient astrology and ancient Chinese philosophy, eastern horoscope correspond a quite clear, persuasive description of human lives, which brought to us all the wisdom and experience of many centuries of our ancestors.


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