Snake woman

    According to Chinese horoscope, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 are years of the Snake. Ancient Chinese philosophy says that the representatives of this sign inherit characteristics of animals which patronize the year of Snake. Let’s study the Snake woman in detail and describe her nature.

Snake woman – horoscope

    The Snake woman is often incredibly beautiful, no matter what type of appearance she has. She knows it and uses this advantage in life. She always has a taste of style in everything - in clothes, accessorize and perfumes. This woman knows how to act, how to use her natural attraction and how to mix all her talents and skills.  
These ladies are always are in the center of attention, they always attract other people and has a lot of lovers. It’s difficult to win these woman because they have a lot of requirements.

Compatibility of Snake woman

    Now we are going to analyze a compatibility of Snake women with the representatives of another signs of Chinese horoscope.   

 Compatibility of Snake woman and Rat man

    An alliance with Rat man is not the best one. The Snake is never satisfied with family happiness: even if she feels good, she will try to leave anyway. And the Rat doesn’t forgive betrayals.  

Compatibility with Ox man

   It is quite a contradictory alliance. It is easy for Sly Snake to blunt vigilance of Ox who doesn’t suspect anything. She skillfully hides her romantic affairs and their marriage looks pretty normal and stable. However, if her betrayals are revealed, they will probably break up.

Compatibility of Snake woman and Tiger man

    A Combination with Tiger man is a complicated and contradictory alliance. Both signs easily influence people, both of them has a magnetic glance and gentle manners. But they are so different so they imtrigue each other. They feel interested with each other, each of them is a s subject to explore for another. Physical attraction and deep love support this couple, but their relationship are too complicated to exist for a long time.  

Compatibility with Cat man

    Cat man and Snake woman is one of the most reliable and good alliances. They always have something to talk about, a topic to discuss and things to do together. Both partners in this couple are usually content with each, they attract each other physically and emotionally.  

Compatibility of Snake woman and Dragon man

    A fascination of Snake woman influence on Dragon more than any other signs. In this relationship he strive to getting married, even though it is not typical for him. And usually, despite the inconstancy of his wife, their alliance is quite fruitful, stable and reliable.

Compatibility with Snake man

    It is hard for two Snakes to be together. It is impossible to avoid having a struggle in this alliance and this struggle is stronger than their feelings. When both partner are inclined to inconstancy and jealousy, there is no point to expect anything good.  

Compatibility of Snake woman and Horse man

    In this couple everything will depend on the mood of Snake woman. If they really want, they can continue having their relationship for a long time, if they are content with everything. But the Horse has to work hard a lot to be interesting for his partner.

Compatibility with Goat man

    From outsider’s viewpoint a relationship with Goat man seem to be beautiful and passionate. However, this marriage can hardly be called as lucky. The Snake in this alliance is too dependent on Goat and one day it can be a reason of rupture.   

Compatibility of Snake woman and Monkey man

    It is not a frequent alliance, but a probability of its stability is quite high. Snake woman is smart and capable to guess tricks of Monkey. In slyness she can be even better than her partner.  

Compatibility with Rooster man

    Compatibility of Snake woman and Rooster man are pretty good. The Snake can make a good influence on Rooster and moderate his warlike temper. Both partners in this couple are fond of philosophizing, but she is more practical and smarter than him. They feel interesting together, however, you should remember that the Rooster doesn’t stand any competitors in his field and if the Snake is more brilliant than him, he can be seriously upset because of that.  

Compatibility of Snake woman and Dog man

    Compatibility of Snake woman and Dog man is practically unreachable. The Snake is a subtle sign to be with the Dog, and too smart not to understand it.

Compatibility with Pig man

    Snake woman attract Boar man and fascinate him, but it is not the type of alliance when one side becomes too dependent on another. The Snake being a woman knows how to use her skill to get what she wants from people, especially from the naïve Pig who can lose in this couple more than he can get.  
Besides the description of Snake woman, presented above here, you can find more information about men on the page: Compatibility of Snake man where all the representatives of Chinese horoscope are presented. To get a more precise description of a man, there is a point to analyze Zodiac horoscope, which you cant find in the article Year of Snake in zodiac signs.


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