Chinese horoscope Dog

    Chinese horoscope refers the year of Dog to the element of Metal.
The energy which corresponds the year of Dog is Yang energy, which symbolizes an active source for Dog women as well as for Dog men.

Chinese horoscope of Metal Dog 1970

    Horoscope of a year of Dog, intensified by Metal element, gives birth to serious personalities, men of integrity. Personality of Metal Dog is strong, incompliant and straightforward. This man finds a goal and without hesitation goes towards it, he is not afraid of any obstacles on his way. Metal Dog will never make leaps to different sides and estimate his choice from a beneficial point of view. People born in a year of Metal Dog are self-confident, they never doubt in their abilities and talents, but pretty easily burst into scream if their plans are ruined for some reasons. People that belong to a year of Metal Dog, according to Chinese horoscope, are loyal and faithful to their partners, friends and family members, but they are very closed, that’s why their round of relations is not large as they are disposed to loneliness.

Chinese horoscope of Water Dog 1982

    The element of Water stimulates the representative of a year of Dog to be too light-minded for their sign. Water Dog is not worried so much about her future and doesn’t make any resources and afterwards regrets about it. This person is not closed and is not so sarcastic as the representatives of other elements of this sign, that’s why he doesn’t have so many friends. People born in a year of Water Dog know how to get on well with people and act generous to everyone. For their friends and family they are ready to do everything, they can give up last thing they have in this world. However, according to Chinese horoscope, Water Dog needs more efficiency and responsibility, as he values friendship as the most important things and is always ready to help friends at ay time. 

Chinese horoscope of Wood Dog 1994

    The element of Wood, as any other element, leaves its mark on the horoscope of a year of Dog. Wood Dog is an inborn collectivist, he likes society and prefers teamwork projects rather than individual ones. He is responsible, hard-working and honest. You can rely on this person, but as well as on the representatives of Dog of any other element. Wood Dog will always protect the interests of a collective, even at the expense of his own. He has lots of friends and supporters because he is always kind and his sense of humor is not so sarcastic like other Dogs’ one is. This kind of person is not so focused on the flaws of other people and prefers to notice their positive characteristics. According to Chinese horoscope, Wood Dog is always interested in her friends’ matters and helps them with great pleasure and joy if they have any kind of problems. He likes a calm quiet life, that’s why he prefers to live out of town and if its impossible, he buys a cottage where spends all his free time. Wood Dog, as Chinese horoscope says, is an expert in art and in antiques, he can even devote his life to it, becoming a collector or an expert with excellent perspectives of future professional growth.  

Chinese horoscope of Fire Dog 1946, 2006

    The element of Fire makes horoscope of Dog and his life more active, energetic and dynamic. Fire Dog is impulsive and is always in movement – he cannot sit on one place for a long time. The personality of the representative of this sign is friendly, communicative and sparkling, but he is so stubborn that sometimes it influences him in a bad way. According to Chinese horoscope, people born in a year of Fire Dog are researches and often finds themselves dealing with progressive ideas. These are members of committees, social organizations, active participants of different movements. Fire Dog doesn’t like to act on her own, but sometimes he is capable to succeed without help because of her personality. 

Chinese horoscope of Earth Dog 1958

   Earth representative of a year of Dog can be identified by his superficial characteristics. Their appearance is not so beautiful in common conception, but is very intriguing. That’s why people born in a year of Earth Dog are very popular among the on, representatives of the opposite sex. According to Chinese horoscope, an Earth representative of a year of Dog is a harmonic and steady person, who is not disposed to fuss. This sign has an excellent artistic taste almost in all fiends of art, he is penetrating with an incredible intuition and an ability to foresee events. In business Earth Dog feels perfectly the market tendencies and makes mistakes very seldom. These people has an ability to persuade others and argue logically with their opponents, they are irreplaceable in any negotiations and, having a strong desire, they can come to real success. At the same time they will never use any dishonest and cruel methods. With other people Earth Dog is noble and sympathetic and they are capable of loyal and faithful love like anyone else.


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