Year of Dragon

   According to Chinese horoscope, the element of Wood corresponds to the year of Dragon.
   The energy of the year of Dragon is Yang energy, which symbolizes an active male source.  

Chinese horoscope of Metal Dragon 1940, 2000

    According to Chinese horoscope of Dragon, the element of Metal gives birth to self-centered people. Metal gives to the representatives of year of Dragon such characteristics as strong will, active behavior and desire to achieve everything by themselves. Energetic potential of a Metal Dragon is very high, he has a strong willing to get what he wants, and he has no problem with the fact that he doesn’t have any supporters as he is a very confident person. People born in a year of Dragon can overcome any obstacle on his own. Colleagues and friends value him a lot. 

Chinese horoscope of Water Dragon 1952, 2012

   According to Chinese horoscope, a Water Dragon is the most sensible sign. He knows how to get along with other people, be interested in their problems and is capable to understand them. Usually he is friendly and is not so exigent. According to the horoscope, people born in a year of Water Dragon are pleasant in communication, know how to express their feelings and thoughts, and like to state their opinions on different subjects. It is a person who can be attracted easily by anything, but a Water Dragon is more exact in his preferences. He cannot stop on one thing, his goals change very quickly.

Chinese horoscope of Wood Dragon 1964, 2024

    Horoscope of a year of Dragon, increased by the element of Wood, promises good results in life. A Wood Dragon never misses any detail – he is very pedantic, he is striving to perceive the main point of every subject and every process. With the mix of purposefulness it yields fruit. There is no such a goal that cannot be achieved by Dragon. Besides, a Wood Dragon is an expert in financial questions and business. He is practical, but sometimes can fantasize a lot. Such kind of person is pleasant and simple to communicate with, he is witty, however, he never allows any critics to other people as he is noble and generous.

Chinese horoscope of Fire Dragon 1976

    As the horoscope of a year of Dragon says, people born in this year are already has the energy of Fire inside them, so there is nothing to say about a Fire Dragon… Here we can see a duplication of such qualities as a desire to reach an aim, an aspiration to ideal and ambition. A Fire Dragon doesn’t bear failure, he will work as much as he can, overcoming any troubles and he will always say what he really thinks. But he is not so interested in what other people think. It is where all the misunderstandings, conflicts and loneliness come from. For this reason quite often there are music, movie, theatre lovers among this zodiac sign.  

Chinese horoscope of Earth Dragon 1988

    An Earth Dragon is, likely, the most harmonic creation of a year of Dragon. But his lofty dreams and aspirations are balanced by the Earth. He shows more self-control and patience in his work, he doesn’t make impracticable plans and is striving for things that can be realized in life. An Earth Dragon knows how to express his thoughts and finds an understanding and support in other people, especially in business questions. At the same time he is interested in different subjects, has a wide circle of friends and caries authority. The element of Earth make people born in a year of Dragon successful in business and finances, they should connect their life with these fields.  
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