Chinese horoscope Goat

     In Chinese horoscope a year of Goat corresponds to the element of Fire.
     The energy which is accompanied by the year of Goat is the Yin energy, is symbolizes an active source and it characterizes a Goat man and a Goat woman.  

Chinese horoscope of Metal Goat 1991

    According to the horoscope of the Goat, Metal representatives of this sign are not very mild and compliant. The Metal Goat often reaches success in life regardless to his hard-working skills, purposefulness and responsibility. He is self-confident and is not inclined to depressions and freaks, that differs him from other representatives of a year of Goat. However, a man born in a year of Metal Goat quite often worries because of  little things and details and is looking for a help and support from other people, even though they don’t really need it. According to the horoscope of Goat, the element of Metal gives people a creative talent, they have a perfect taste and craving for pieces of art and they can succeed in thus field.

Chinese horoscope of Water Goat 1943, 2003

    The element of Water, according to the year of Goat in Chinese horoscope, makes people soft and kind, they value comfortable lifestyle in everything. It works also for their relationships, where the Water Goat is not conflictive and knows hot to get on well with people. With friends the representative of this sign prefers to have light relations, without getting too close. People born in a year of Goat, especially in a year of Water Goat, always know which whom they should deal to achieve excellent results with minimal efforts. However, the Water Goat often has a lack of patience to finish what he has started. He can make fun of people and laugh at them, but he does it not because he is cruel and people are usually not hurt by him. The horoscope says that the most important thing for him is a pleasant home atmosphere where he can relax. 

Chinese horoscope of Wood Goat 1955, 2015

    The horoscope of a year of Goat and the element of Wood can give birth to people with mild personality and opened soul. Because of that the Wood Goat can easily be under the influence of other people, no matter good or bad it is. He has a lot of friends and a lot projects which are also consequences of her diversified nature. People born in a year of Wood Goat are sympathetic, they are always ready to help, but they like to gossip. They know how to create a friendly atmosphere for a conversation and gain people. Despite his light-minded temper, the representatives of a year of Wood Goat have knowledge about finances, but it is because of their intuition, not because of analytic skills.

Chinese horoscope of Fire Goat 1967, 2027

    According to Chinese horoscope, a year of Goat and the element of Fire contributes to intensification of such human qualities as purposefulness and an ability to reach goals. The Fire Goat tries to finish what he has started, especially if it seems to have good results. He knows how to use his natural fascination and charm to attract necessary people to his personality. People born in a year of Fire Goat can take dangerous decisions, but it actually even increases their attraction. According to the horoscope of Goat, the Fire representative of this sign has a good imagination, energetic and communicative personality, an aspiration to social life and deserving surrounding.     

Chinese horoscope of Earth Goat 1979

    Chinese horoscope of a year of Goat describes the Earth Goat as a pretty nice and shy creature. He is always attentive to his friends, family and just people he knows, he always listen to them and trued to help. Because of their kindness and attentiveness, people born in a year of Earth Goat resemble loyal and faithful wives of past centuries, who can be met nowadays very seldom. This kind of man has everything mysterious that can be hidden in a person. He can not only compassionate people, but he is also smart, likes to read and has a lot of friends.

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