Chinese horoscope Horse

    In Chinese horoscope a year of the Horse corresponds to the element of Fire.
    The energy of a year of the Horse is the energy of Yang, which symbolizes the active nature.

Chinese horoscope of Metal Horse 1990

    According to chinese horoscope, a year of the Horse, which is under the influence of the element of metal, gives a birth to  stubborn and ambitious people. They differ from others because of their courage, energy and fast reaction. The Metal Horse takes decisions quite fast and right after that implements it. People born in a year of the Metal Horse are independent and freedom-loving, it is almost impossible to impose anything to them. They like to put their life in order and to deal with every single detail if it. She is not so flexible as all other people born in a year of Horse as she is more straightforward and open-minded, but it is actually her charm – she fascinates the representatives of the opposite sex with her impulsive temperament.

Chinese horoscope of Water Horse 1942, 2002

    According to Chinese horoscope, the element of Water makes the representatives of a year of the Horse more subject to mood changes and new desires. She really depends on people’s opinions and she needs a regular support. With no attention to her form people she can be in depression and change the field of her life. The representatives of this year are varied in their interests, but they are really fond of being in open space, that’s why they often choose to work in such fields as sport, landscape design, building and, of course, horse breeding. The Water Horse has a perfect sense of style – she knows how to dress and how to make a right impression on people, it helps her career to develop and her private life to be successful. 

Chinese horoscope of Wood Horse 1954, 2014

    The element of Wood promotes the Wood Horse to differ from other representatives if this year. These people are open-minded and kind, their personality is compliant and it is very surprising for other representative of a year of Horse. Stubbornness of the representatives of a year of the Horse are shown in different forms, they have a good sense of humor and a rich imagination. Due to that a person born in a year of the Horse is able to make unusual decisions of problems and people appreciate him a lot. Usually this kind of person is trusted and respected by people, he is friendly and shows his best qualities to his friends.

Chinese horoscope of Fire Horse 1966

    People born in a year of the Horse under the influence of the element of Fire is a real test for their family and friends. Their indomitable temperament and stubbornness can make people hopping mad. The Fire Snake always get the most active position in life, she can’t stay aside and just observe – the representative of this year are people of action. Unfortunately, very often this action is destructive because they are strong and their desires are unpredictable. The Fire Horse is independent and proud but she cannot be subordinated and always want to be a leader in everything – in work and in private life.

Chinese horoscope of Earth Horse 1978

    The element of Earth is a stabilizer of the horoscope of a year of Horse, it makes this sign practical, witty and not so decisive as his fellows. The Earth Snake shows her wisdom and carefulness, she knows how to restrain her passions and it usually helps her. People born in this year are got at finances and at business. Their life is usually rapid and changeable as all the representatives of a year of the Horse, but they are more successful in career. Owing to their ability to estimate their actions without being distracted on impulsive decisions, the representatives of the Earth Horse succeeds in business. Their benevolent attitude in communication brings them a lot of friends.
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