Chinese horoscope Monkey

   The element of year of Monkey is Metal.
   The energy that follows year of Monkey is Yang, which is a male symbol.

Chinese horoscope of Metal Monkey 1980

    According to the horoscope, year of Monkey, with the energy of Metal, gives birth to men with an iron will. Metal Monkey is not inclined to dissipates her energies – she knows for sure what she wants and how to get it. She is an individual personality, who prefers to work on her own, not to entertain in team. People born in a year of Monkey are smart and arrogant, but absolutely unscrupulous in acquaintances. But, referring to financial questions, according to the horoscope, the Monkey is quite professional. They always know where and how invest money, that’s why people always listen to them. Metal Monkeys adore public meetings, opening days and parties, they try not to miss any important event in social sphere. 

Chinese horoscope of Water Monkey 1992  

    Water makes the horoscope of Monkey give her such characteristics as tenderness of personality and an ability to sympathize. It is more a person of integrity than other representatives of a year of Monkey, that’s why she usually chooses one pursuit in life and serves with great purposefulness and persistence. Water Monkey studies all her life, she always gets new knowledge and shows interest in everything that is connected with her work, which makes her a good specialist. This sign prefers to work on her own, using her own ways and methods, she doesn’t bear any critics. Any remarks about a person born in a year of Monkey makes her feel depressed and closed to people. According to the horoscope, the personality of Monkey doesn’t have any inclination to talk a lot, especially about herself. She is not so communicative, but at the same time she understands other people and regardless to that, can be very persuasive.

Chinese horoscope of Wood Monkey 1944, 2004

    Wood Monkey, according to the Chinese horoscope, has quite a rich imagination – all the time ideas come to her mind and she feels a need to act immediately. She craves for everything new – knowledge, feelings, ideas, acquaintances, countries and even worlds. She starts to become enthusiastic about things very fast and with the same rate she loses interest to things and it doesn’t let her fulfil herself. People born in a year of Monkey are inclined to risk, and not always to justified one. In work a Wood Monkey acts correctly and responsible, but after the loss of interest, she doesn’t work as hard as at first, and sometimes even makes fun of her colleagues. People value her because of her creative mind, sense of humor and adventurous temper. 

Chinese horoscope of Fire Monkey 1956, 2016

    Stubbornness and willfulness are the main characteristics of a Fire Monkey, as horoscope says. These people are overfilled with life energy and are very curious to the world, but they are not disposed to dissipate their energies. They have a range of interests and a huge circle of acquaintances to be able to chose only one thing. A Fire Monkey can be so interested in something as she can forget about other more important and advantageous things. After some time she will regret about it, her fire burns not so long. Vivid and restless personality of people born in a year of Fire Monkey attract others to them as people become intrigued by such an interesting person. But often supporters of a Fire Monkey, as her horoscope says, are disappointed because she doesn’t handle anything that happens not according to her plan. She can pressurize people during these situations and nobody likes it.  

Chinese horoscope of Earth Monkey 1968

    Comparing to other elements of year of Monkey, horoscope of an Earth representative of this sign has such characteristics as insularity and deliberation. They are not so communicative, despite the fact that they are pretty nice to other people. An Earth Monkey is very careful to everyone who trusts her and she really participates in the destiny of her family and friends. This Monkey, according to the horoscope, is less selfish and individual than other representatives of her sign, she has her own ideas of honor and dignity and she tries to conform to them. She is very scrupulous and punctilious, she wont use any prohibited methods. People, born in a year of Earth Monkey are usually well-educated, smart and informative in their field. In their career they succeed, people get jealous because of them. Besides, Chinese horoscope of year of Monkey allows them to be aware in financial questions, that’s why they never lose money.
    More details about representatives of opposite sex of this sign you can find in the following articles: Monkey man and Monkey woman, where their personalities and characteristics are presented.

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