Chinese horoscope Ox

The element which corresponds to the year of Bull, according to Chinese horoscope, is Water.
The energy of the year of Ox is Yin.

Chinese horoscope of Metal Ox 1961

    According to the horoscope, representatives of a year of Ox has an incredibly iron strength of will, becoming even more powerful with the help of Metal. The Metal Ox moves forward his goals no matter what obstacles, troubles and problems are oh his way. When he have s define purpose, nothing can stop him. According to the horoscope, a man born in a year of Metal Ox is always straightforward and honest, he is not afraid to show his opinion. He doesn’t have so many friends, but all of them are honest, devoted and reliable.  

Chinese horoscope of Water Ox 1973

    Water moderates forcefulness which characterizes the horoscope of Ox and makes him more flexible. A keen wit and intuition help people born in a year of Water Ox receive good results using different ways and methods. Self-confidence and friendliness make the representatives of this year more attractive to other people. According to the horoscope, a year of Bull and the element of Water give a birth of successful managers and leaders. They profess the principles of justice and their subordinates like them.    

Chinese horoscope of Wood Ox 1985

    According to the horoscope, a year of Ox and the element of Wood makes a pretty creative personality. Quick mind, dramatic temperament and initiative brings the representatives of a year of Wood Ox to leading positions. The Wood Bull is always a leader, he knows how to gather people together, but he needs more flexibility, sometimes his words and actions might be too straightforward and cruel. He doesn’t forget to do anything and he wants everyone to be like him. The only true attachment of man who was born is a year of Wood Ox is his family, he loves the members of his family and takes care of them.

Chinese horoscope of Fire Ox 1937, 1997

    According to Chinese horoscope, a year of Ox with a fire in his soul is a very strong creature. A representative of the Fire Ox very easily loses his temper and he is not scared of any obstacles on the way to his goal. This quality can help him to reach a lot in life, but it cal also bring a lot of problems to his life. But due to the fact that his aims are always honest an pure, a lot of sins are absolved for him because of his fidelity to the business. A man born in a year of Ox and with the influence of the element of Fire is energetic, authoritative and always acts in the interests of business. An opinion of other people doesn’t interest him at all, he is enough confident in himself. He has not so many friends, but he values them as much as his family, which he starts once and forever.

Chinese horoscope of Earth Ox 1949, 2009

    The horoscope of Earth Ox sees in him more persistence, diligence and patience than in any other representatives of this sign. The Earth Ox takes a sober view of things and of himself and he is ready to work hard for self-impovement is he really needs it. A man born in a year of Ox under the influence of the element of Earth is an excellent analyst, especially in everything referring to finances. More often he is well-wishing, open-minded and honest, and these qualities bring him respect he deserves. People listen to his ideas and opinions, they ask him for advices. This person is an authority for them.    
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