Year of the Pig chinese zodiac

    Year of the Pig, which closes Chinese zodiac, belongs to the element of Water.
    The energy of a year of the Pig, According to Chinese horoscope, is Ying energy, which symbolizes passive source.

Chinese zodiac of Fire Pig 1947, 2007

    The element of Fire makes horoscope of a year of Pig active and dynamic. A Fire Pig is very stubborn, likes to take risks and strives forward to his well-defined goal. However, at first, he takes his tactics into long consideration and calculates all the possibilities. A representative of a year of Pig, a Fire Pig, is pretty erudite and it helps him to analyze problems from different points of view. It is a versatile personality, he can get interested in something so much that he will forget about the right tactics and strategy. A Fire Pig is inclined to dissipate his energies and quite seldom he finished what he started, and of course, it is his flaw. But, as a rule, people born in a year of Pig under the influence of Fire element, are successful in all their projects, regardless to their energy. Chinese zodiac of Pig describes hi as a generous, kind and noble person.

Chinese zodiac of Earth Pig 1959

    The element of Earth makes the horoscope of Pig give birth to quiet, balanced and strong people. They are experts in financial questions, they know when and where invest money and quite often they become successful in their field. But an Earth Pig doesn’t forget about others, especially his family and friends, here he demonstrates his positive characteristics. If someone needs his help and support, he will do his best for this person. According to Chinese horoscope, an Earth Pig has organization skills, active life position and friendly personality, which makes him very popular among his surroundings.


Chinese zodiac of Metal Pig 1971

    Behind an open and friendly personality of a Pig, that the element of Metal gives him, huge ambitions are usually hidden. A Metal Pig is ambitious and strives to make all his dreams come true. For this goal he doesn’t spare his energy and time as he has a plenty of it. A representative of a year of Pig and the element of Metal is an active and energetic personality with firm life positions which he always follows. A Metal Pig can become successful in different fields as he is interested in absolutely everything. Sometimes these people suffer from their trustfulness, but they try to take it with sense of humor. According to Chinese zodiac, a Metal Pig likes big companies, parties and cultural events as he feels good and comfortable there.

Chinese zodiac of Water Pig 1983

    The Water makes a nature of a year of Pig sensible and vulnerable. A Water Pig is capable of empathy and understanding, but nobody should use him approval and trustfulness in one’s own purposes, as he cannot reject anyone. It is easy to fool a Pig Boar, but after being lied, he keeps being generous and noble to someone who offended him, he doesn’t resort to revenge. Such person just cannot handle making someone feel bad, doing harm to people. According to Chinese zodiac, a Pig Boar is a very friendly person. People born in this year has versatile interests and can be successful almost in any field they choose. The representative of a year of Water Pig are responsible, persistent, stubborn, hard-working and strong people. They are open and communicative, often you can find them in bug company.

Chinese zodiac of Wood Pig 1995

    According to Chinese zodiac, a representative of a year of Wood Pig has excellent oratorical skills as he knows how to look persuasive and win people’s favor, which makes him a good politician. If only he wasn’t such a simple-minded person (as other representative of a year of Pig though), he would achieve more success. People usually like him for his generosity, an ability to laugh at himself and to listen to others. People born in a year of Wood Pig usually take care of their friends, are well-informed about all the events in their life and try to help everyone. According to Chinese zodiac, a Wood Pig likes traveling, and not as a passive observer, but he chooses activities that are close to extreme – such as canoe sport, alpinism, touristic tours.
    The articles Pig woman and Pig man will reveal all characteristics of personalities of this sign.


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