Year of Rooster

     The year of Rooster  corresponds to the element of Metal.
    The energy of year of Rooster  is Ying which symbolizes passive female element for both men and women of this sign.

Chinese horoscope of Metal Rooster 1981

    According to the horoscope of Rooster , the Metal representative of this sign is very purposeful and persuasive in his plans. He can be rude and impatient with people as he is inclined rather to notice others’ flaws than others’ advantages. The Metal Rooster  is responsible and reliable, especially if it is related to his own projects. He is striving for leadership because  he doesn’t like to submit to somebody. People born in a year of Rooster  are good at financial questions and have a desire to start their own business. If they can find a good team, they will succeed. The horoscope of the Metal Rooster  points out such characteristics of their personality as honesty and sincerity

Chinese horoscope of Water Rooster 1993

    Element of Water, according to Chinese horoscope of Rooster , gives to this sign such qualities as communicative skills and erudition. He can be frank, sincere and can persuade anybody in anything. Water Rooster  likes to discuss different topics and what is interesting, is that he always has his own opinion that differs from other people’s perspective. It is quite an interesting interlocutor, he is not so forceful as other representative of the sign or Rooster . But this man has the energy of his horoscope and the influence of Water element. He is a rare workaholic who is ready to work all day all night. Water Rooster  can be depressed and sad for no reason, but in such situations his sense of humor helps him to overcome it. 

Chinese horoscope of Wood Rooster 1945, 2005

    A combination of Rooster  and Wood element in Chinese horoscope creates a personality with such characteristics as honesty, sincerity and reliability. Wood Rooster  is a person who always tries to do good things even on voluntary basis. He stands loneliness pretty bad, that’s why keeps living in a group. People born in a year of Rooster  will never betray and will never move to the side of the opponent or competitor. If they don’t strive for in advance unreachable goals, they can succeed in life and have a high social status. According to the horoscope, Wood Rooster  is interested in different fields of life, he likes traveling and visiting foreign countries.     

Chinese horoscope of Fire Rooster 1957, 2017

    According to the horoscope of Rooster , element of Fire gives him very strong characteristics. Fire Rooster  has all the reasons to be a leader and almost always he succeeds in life. More often he shows off while being a director or organizer of business, he knows how to form a team and how to make it achieve good results. Sometimes people, born in a year of Rooster , especially Fire Rooster , can be not so democratic and even cruel, but they will never allow themselves to show it to people. All in all they have good relationship with people, but they should be more tactful.

Chinese horoscope of Earth Rooster 1969, 2029 

    According to Chinese horoscope, a year of Rooster  with a mix of Earth element, gives birth to smart and perspicacious people. Earth Rooster  knows how to get what he wants as his main characteristics is his hard-working skills. He doesn’t dissipate his talents, he always tries to find a difficult aim and do everything for it. People born in year of Earth Rooster  are persistent in achieving their goals, they always find the best moment of time and act. Horoscope of Rooster  says that Earth representative of this sign is an excellent strategist and tactician, who, besides, has a lot of energy. Usually, prestige of Rooster  is quite high and social position is stable.


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