Chinese horoscope Snake

    A year of the Snake corresponds to the element of Fire in Chinese horoscope. His representatives have the Yin energy, a symbol of passive male energy.

Chinese horoscope of Metal Snake 1941, 2001

    According to Chinese horoscope, a year the Snake with an element of Metal, gives birth to individualists who prefer to work on their own and only in critical situations can work in a team. Their soul is absolutely closed to people and even to their families, sometimes even to themselves. Their impenetrability allows them to get a profitable position is society. Due to their intuition, the representatives of the Snake can feel and predict what is going to happen. If he decided to do something, he acts actively and usually reaches success. You can definitely trust this kind of people all the financial questions because they don’t fail in investments. In horoscope people born in a year of the Snake orientate themselves good in antique and art markets because they have an inherent taste and sense of style. They communicate only with a peculiar group of people, but they are kind, caring and attentive to people they love and care.

Chinese horoscope of Water Snake 1953, 2013

    According to Chinese horoscope, people born in a year of the Water Snake has a strong personality but you cannot see it because it is hidden from their restraint and good manners. The Water Snake knows how to get what she wants without a demonstration of her power and strength. In horoscope a year of the Snake and the element of Water makes an all-round nature who are interested in different fields of life and can become successful in each of them. Besides their excellent intellectual powers, an incredible memory and an ability to analyze, the representatives of this year are good in calculations. Financial activity is their main ability, very seldom they let their partners down. The same about their family and friends – in spite of a tendency to frivolity, the Water Snake stays loyal and faithful to them.  

Chinese horoscope of Wood Snake 1965

Chinese horoscope of the Snake makes the Wood Snake open-minded – she really cares about other people, their mistakes, problems and troubles, she more often than others makes contacts with people she is interested in. In communication she shows her best qualities such as wit, tactfulness, kindness and charm. With a mixture of beautiful appearance she produces quite a strong impression on people, especially on opposite sex. The Wood Snake is always surrounded by lots of her friends, adorers and people who want to get to know her. But choosing her life partner, she is looking for a man who will be able to gibe her stability and a chance to do what she wants in life. Usually she is interested in art collections at which she is pretty good or it can be art itself. And usually it brings her success.    

Chinese horoscope of Fire Snake 1977

    The representatives of a year of Fire Snake are very energetic and active people. They always try to be leaders who have a lot of missions, aims and goals which they are striving for. They know how to make a right impression and always looks more well-informed than she really is because of her ability to speak confidently and in a proper tone. People born with an influence of the element of Fire, as a rule, are preoccupied by their career and they are striving to reach the best results in their field. Unfortunately, the only thing that stops them is their personality, their way to communicate with people because they are used to say what they think, without considering it properly. The Fire Snake has oratorical skills, good sense of humor and an enormous self-confidence. She is different from other representatives of a year of Snake who prefer to be in family, because she wants to explore the world and make the world know about her. She enjoys traveling to foreign countries.   

Chinese horoscope of Earth Snake 1989

    Chinese horoscope present the Earth Snake as a calm, stable and sober-minded person. She is at the same time communicative and silent. It is pleasant to deal with her – she always keeps her promises and always take responsibilities in every situation so people trust her. People born in this year know how to deal with money, how to use not a big amount of it to have a pretty good income. But, with all that, the Fire Snake don’t know how to react on a changing situation which needs fast decisions and that’s why in difficult times she loses her inherent vigilance and can make mistakes. Her goal is a stable quiet lifestyle, she doesn’t like to spend time in fuss. She is really attached to her family and friends, they are very important for her.
   In the articles The Snake man and woman you will know about the representatives of this year, how they are and what kind of characteristics they have. 

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