Aquarius horoscope

    The dates when the Sun stays in zodiac constellation of Aquarius is from 21st of January to 19th of February. During this dates representatives of the sixth zodiac sign are born.
•    The element - Air
•    The planets – Uranus and Saturn
•    Lucky numbers are 2,4 and all numbers which are divisible by 4, 9, 11, 13.
•    Time of success: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
•    A dangerous time: Tuesday, Sunday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: gray, violet, green, purple, blue.

Constellation of Aquarius

    Constellation of Aquarius gives birth to the most unusual, extraordinary and unpredictable people. They are ruled by Uranus, which behave like all the planets of Solar system. The axis of Uranus is deflected from the orbit on 98 degrees, so we can say that this planet is laying on its side. When the Sun is on the opposite side of North Pole, the South part of the planet is descended in the shade for 20 years. And when the Sun lights South Pole, North Pole is descended in the shade. These features of Uranus perfectly characterize the representatives of this sign, who were born on the influence of its energy. The representatives of Aquarius constellation have untraditional views and rebellious nature. Saturn helps this sign to overcome a lot of obstacles and to self-improve.  

 Aquarius characteristics

    Here we will geve characteristics of zodiac sign of Aquarius and will know the main traits of his personality and nature. We will analyze representatives of this constellation from different points of view, we will learn how they act in work, family, love, how their career, marriage and relationship are.

Aquarius characteristics external

    Sign of Aquarius is creative and unpredictable in everything, also in appearance. In his appearance there is always something extraordinary, unusual, something that attract people’s attention to him. It can be a disproportion of body or a color contrast or any other detail that is noticeable. Their movements are always jerky and impulsive. Talkativeness, a high timbre of speech, violent gesticulation – all these characteristics belong to Aquarius.

Personality of Aquarius

    Independence and creativity, friendship and comradeship, eccentricity and stubbornness – all that are mail characteristics of Aquarius. The representatives of this constellation think that people don’t understand them, they often offend, sometimes act provocative. And actually they are right. Because the personality of Aquarius is the most incomprehensible and unpredictable among all zodiac signs, his behavior often alert people and provoke a lot of questions. Actions of these people are unpredictable, they do what they want and rely only on their own experience. According to the personality of this sign, he changes in life easily, takes decisions easily and act without any hesitations. Spontaneity of actions, freedom and independence of thinking, creative attitude to life – it is characteristics of Aquarius, which make him so unpredictable and changeable.  
    Life principle of the personality of Aquarius is an aspiration to justice. For representatives of this constellation it is very important to obtain justice and it doesn’t matter, whose interests are infringed – their own or someone else’s. This zodiac sign act on the same way in every company, he never adjust to people. His characteristic is extravagancy, resourcefulness, interest to new and unexplored things. But in spite of his untraditional views, Aquarius is not alone and is not a hermit. He is very sociable and can’t love without communication. He has a vast range of friends and fellows. But their attachments to him are not deep and stable. He is isolated from people, he prefers a role of observer and never takes part in events. Cold mind and practicalness are main characteristics of his personality. This person never allow people to penetrate into his soul, but sometimes he can be frank and sincere.    
     Original way of thinking of the representatives of this sign makes them geniuses. They find ideas and thoughts which pass ahead of time. That’s why they are so incomprehensible for other people. At the same time, Aquarius is not constant in his opinions. He can be absolutely convinced in something today, and to think the opposite tomorrow. Breadth of views and an ability to change the natural course of events are very important traits of his personality.

Career of Aquarius

    Zodiac sign of Aquarius is an author of revolutionary ideas and genius thoughts, but not always his career is successful. In life of representatives of this constellation there are a lot of changes. In youth they spend a lot of time trying to find their place in life. In a mature age they can manage these changes but it is impossible to reach stability and calmness. Nature gave Aquarius an ability to predict things and an ability to think in nonstandard way. He can see things that are hidden from people. There are other qualities of his personality that help him to have a successful career. For instance, an ability to get along with people, negotiation skills. With all that they love be in the center of attention and to act in unusual way. They quite often conflict with their employer, change working places. It makes their career more complicated and sometimes it can even make them lose their living. To have a good career Aquarius needs to know what is more important for him – freedom or money.  

Aquarius in love and marriage

    In love Aquarius is not constant, even though his marriage is usually happy. He is interested in everything new – new partners, new feelings, new relationship. The representatives of this sign seem to be cold, but for them love, marriage and sex play an important role. Relating to marriage, they tale a liberal position, they don’t like to involve themselves in commitments, however they marry more than once in life. Aquarius feels tired of monotony of family life and he needs something new in his relationship. If it is possible, you don’t need to worry about chances of his betrayal. He will never destroy his family if he has a sincere relationship and true love in marriage. Sexual life is not on the first place for him, his love is based on spiritual closeness, not on physical passion.  
     If love of Aquarius is true, his marriage can be very long. But the problem is that this sign doesn’t feel good with anyone, he always complains about something in partner. The article Compatibility will tell you what alliances are favorable for this constellation. Full description of men and women of Aquarius you can find on pages Aquarius man and woman.

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