Aries horoscope

    Aries (March 21 - April 20) - the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of which falls on the day of the vernal equinox.

• The element of Aries is Fire.
• Its planet is Mars.
• Aries symbol is a ram.
• Its lucky numbers are 4, 7, 9, 11, 18, 27.
• Time of success for Aries: Saturday, Sunday.
• A dangerous time: Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
• Suitable colors for this sign are blue, magenta, purple, orange, red.

Characteristics of Aries

      Let's give a description of the sign Aries. We will learn the main features of a representative of this zodiacal constellation.

External characteristics of Aries

      Studying the external characteristics of Aries, we can say that there are two types of this sign. The first type: strong, well-muscled. The second type: weak, easily amenable to any disease. The second type of appearance is connected with a lack of food, as for the energetic Aries nutrition is very important, they need it to maintain health and spirit. His sight is always vivid, the tone is imperious, his movements are swift and firm. The distinctive characteristic of Aries is a reddish color of his face, which has been given to him by the red planet Mars. Among his features is often a certain roughness, stiffness, pronounced nasolabial folds.

General characteristics of Aries

      Sign Aries begins zodiac, taking the first place in the zodiac circle. Also its representatives strive to be the first in everything during their lives. Their element - Fire - symbolizes the material embodiment of the spirit, strength and transformation. Mars, Aries patron, gives him a huge amount of energy and creativity. Characteristics of Aries are: active, energetic, leadership. The energy of Mars and Fire makes Aries the most powerful person of the zodiac, who has the best chance to win the most inaccessible peaks. The symbol of Aries is a ram, an animal, which is directly and bravely encounters a call of destiny. It is the way how representatives of Aries are in all their manifestations. The essence of Aries is strength and vigor, courage and fearlessness. To reach his purposes Aries do everything he has to do, without worrying about the obstacles and consequences. Life for him is a field of battle, where he wants victory, fame and recognition.
    The attention of these people is always directed to themselves, the rest of the world is seemed to be an attachment to them. They are individualists, but at the same time they have such characteristics as impeccable honesty, sincerity, commitment to help in difficult time, amazing hard-working skills. However, a distinctive feature of Aries, with all his courage, and even aggression, is the sensitivity and even vulnerability. Sometimes it's easy to offend him, but he is not vindictive, and quickly forgets offenses.

Aries’s career

      Career of Aries usually goes well, even though his fate can not be called smooth and serene. His life always has a lot of changes, acute situations and crises. He usually has restless youth, but when he is an adult, the situation usually stabilizes. In a career they always do what they aim to do, their dreams and plans come true. In this case as for their success they are only obliged to themselves, they make all their own work, they know how to take the fate of "the horns" and ignore failures and be confident. In other words, the sign of Aries has all the qualities which are necessary for a successful career. Representatives of the zodiac sign Aries don’t get the prizes from the fate, they act, risk and win. They make of themselves talented leaders, good businessmen, excellent organizers. However, despite the success in their career, Aries people seldom become fabulously rich, as this is not their goal. Fame, attention and admiration of others for Aries is more important than any material goods.

Aries in love

      In love, Aries are passionate, captious and fickle. Independence in love for them is the most estimated thing, and they keep it very carefully. In youth, their relationships flash like lightning, but also fading fast. They often fall in love and always think that it will last forever. By adulthood, they settle down, but still a long relationship and true love with him is an art, which is not easy to be good at for everyone. In love, Aries are also energetic and adventurous, as in life, they are quite able to give a passionate romantic love full of adventure and pleasant surprises. About suitable zodiac signs for Aries study the article Aries compatibility and features and some of the characteristics of men and women of Aries are considered in publications: Aries man and woman.


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