Zodiac sign of Cancer

    Zodiac sign of Cancer is the forth sign of the zodiac, in which the Sun stays from the 22nd of June to 22nd of July. Exactly during this period the representatives of the most sensitive and emotional zodiac sign are born.  
•    The element - Water
•    The planet of Zodiac sign of Cancer – the Moon
•    Lucky numbers are 2, 4, 5, 6.
•    Time of success: Monday, Thursday.
•    A dangerous time: Tuesday, Saturday.
•    Suitable colors for Zodiac sign of Cancer are: white, blue, metallic.

Characteristics of Cancer

    So, we are going to characterize the zodiac sign of Cancer. After reading this article you will know who these people are, how they act in work and career, on life and friendship and what nature they have.
     Inconstant Moon which changes phases 4 times a month, gives to Cancer such traits as se sensitivity, emotionality and vulnerability. The element of Water gives to this sign such characteristics as penetration and good intuition, an ability to earn money and to communicate with people. Such skills help them a lot in life.

The personality of Cancer

    People born by zodiac sign of Cancer are the most sensitive and emotional from all the representatives of the zodiac. They have a rich spiritual life, which changes quite often like the Moon, which protects them. Frequent changes of their mood are one of main characteristics of Cancer. In a good mood they are kind and fascinating. But in a bad mood they can easily be depressed. However, with all their emotionality, their nature is pretty reserved, they are never completely opened to people.
     The personality of Cancer is vulnerable and sensitive to critics, he always reacts very keenly to banters and irony. You can offend him just with heedless word, tone or sight. But at the same time he knows how to protect himself. His typical way of defence reaction is to withdraw into himself and to keep silent. But he will never forget about offence. He will think about revenge for a long time until he find the right moment and situation. So it is better to observe neutrality with him.
     As u rule, the representatives of Cancer are very successful people. Such traits as impulsion and rashness are not peculiar to them, they are very careful and they won’t run risks. Before making an important decision Cancer will consider it for a long time, trying to estimate all «for» and «against». After all his characteristic is independence, very seldom they consider someone else’s opinion, but they take responsibility upon themselves. They quite rarely make mistakes, thanks to their outstanding intellectual powers and excellent intuition. It is almost impossible to make a fool of them or try to influence them because they feel any manipulations or bad intentions. The only way to influence these signs is to interest them.
    The personality of Cancer is persistent and energetic, if he has plans, don’t doubt that he will realize it. He will never go right through, he will calculate everything, think, wait for the best time and then he will get what he wants.

External characteristic of Cancer

    One of the main external characteristics of Cancer is modesty and restraint. They don’t like to attract attention, they don’t want to stand out. The representatives of this zodiac sign have rounded shapes, they are inclined to plumpness, their stature is not tall. The face of Cancer is usually round like a full moon, eyes are big and expressive with sad and thoughtful look. His lips are like they express his nature, are swollen and sensual. His hair is often curly.

Career of Cancer

    In youth at first Cancer doesn’t succeed in his career. His emotional and vulnerable personality has to become well-established and he has to know how to control his temperament. At a mature age, as u rule, his career is quite successful, he is high in social scale and has a material wellbeing. The representatives of this zodiac sign are very hard-working and they clearly know how to earn money. Their intuition shows them places where they can get money and they just have to follow it.
     For his career he should choose fields connected to public contacts. Cancer needs support, he need to feel how important and respectful he is. No matter what he does, he does it perfect. His attitude to work, career and business is the most responsible and serious, and it helps him to succeed in life.

Cancer in love

    Zodiac sign of Cancer is a family person. Despite the fact that his mood changes very often, in love he doesn’t try to get new emotions and feelings in new relationships. For the representatives of this zodiac sign family is very important. In love they are loyal and faithful. Cancer is looking for emotional love and he always submits to his partner. In love next to him should be a strong person who can understand him and support him in difficult moments, when he can de even depressed. In marriage he gives all his soul and all his energy to his spouse and his children but he asks for the same from them. In love it is quite difficult for him to attach his partner and then they go together through life, taking care about their kids and family. In most cases he can build a close-knit family, he is striving for that.  
    A special place in the life of Cancer belongs to his children. Zodiac signs of both sex love their children. They are ready to pay attention to them for 24 hours per day even if sometimes it grows to family conflicts when children grow up and try to be independent.   
    It seems that this zodiac sign can have good relationship with almost any partner because his intuition always tells him what to do and how to act. But still there are signs which suit him better and worse. You can find this information here in the article: Compatibility of Cancer. If you are interested in characteristics of men and women of this sign, read the articles Cancer man and Cancer woman

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