Zodiac sign of Capricorn

    The Sun stays in the zodiac constellation of Capricorn during the change of calendar year, from the 23rd of December to 20th of January. People born during this period belong to this zodiac sign.
•     The element - Earth
•    The planets – Saturn
•    Symbol – sea got, climbing a mountain
•    Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 7, 8 and all the numbers which are divisible by8 and 14.
•    Time of success: Tuesday, Saturday.
•    A dangerous time: Monday, Thursday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: dark green, gray, blue, pale yellow.

Constellation of Capricorn

    The constellation of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which was called in ancient times as a sovereign of time. This planet gives the representative of this sign purposefulness and patience, they can overcome any difficulty, they always self-improve and move only forward. The element of this constellation – the Earth gives them such characteristics as endurance, practicalness, firmness and sober mind. These kind of people never miss their chances. They have a stable life position and they know what they want.   

Characteristic of Capricorn

    Let’s describe the representatives of Capricorn and know what is their personality is based on and what special traits and qualities they have. We will also analyze the career of this zodiac sign and will know what aspirations and aims he has, how he acts in love, marriage, friendship, work and family life.   

External characteristic of Capricorn

    The appearance of Capricorn is usually shy and unremarkable. They look serious and don’t let themselves to smile, laugh or show any other positive emotions. Their behavior perfectly suits their nature: they are quit, restrained and steady. The representative of this sign very seldom takes part in arguments and debits, he prefers observe everything, listen and make conclusions.

Personality of Capricorn

    The main characteristic of Capricorn is his independence. The personality of Capricorn is a personality of a contemplator, who is used to analyze and estimate every single event in life. He takes responsibilities on himself and doesn’t bear any interference in his private life. His purposefulness is probably his main and the strongest trait. The representative of this zodiac sign defines his goal and uses all his powers and abilities to do everything to reach it. He is never content with nowadays situation, he always needs something more. Ambition is one of his characteristics. This man lives thinking about his goals and tries to make the world batter. He is moving forward, overcoming every obstacle on his way. It is in the nature of Capricorn – to wait, to be patient, to work hard.  
    The representatives of zodiac sign of Capricorn are unsociable and modest, they are single people and ascetics who can restrict themselves from everything. Among these people there are a lot of pessimists who don’t like to socialize with others at all. But their reticence is because of his extreme vulnerability. Despite this reticence in expression of emotions and an aspiration to loneliness, Capricorn needs care and suffers because of his own nature. His worst enemies are constant fears and pessimism. Probably without them these people would be happier.
    A man of this constellation is an owner of a great idea, who knows how to realize it in life. For that he will sacrifice everything, he will restrict himself, will try to plan his actions very carefully. The main trait of the personality of Capricorn is calmness, patience and an ability to find way out from any situation. Thanks to that he usually finds his place in life with no problems and reach all his aims. The representatives of this sign respect mostly safety, and the equivalent of it is money. They have a very reverent and careful attitude to money, they never waste it, never spend on useless stuff. An aspiration to prosperity is one of their characteristics and goals in life.

Career of Capricorn

    The way in life for Capricorn is usually quite difficult. He has to overcome a lot of problems and troubles. But with his persistence, self-restraint and readiness to work hard to the limits of his abilities he can become successful. As a result, this zodiac sign succeeds in his career, he reaches all his goals and he creates new ones and the reaches them too. The most successful period in his life is when he is 40-45 years and he has a prosperous career. Usually career and money come to Capricorn slowly, but pretty regularly and it allows him to make savings.  

Capricorn in love

    Private life, love and marriage of Capricorn is not always simple. He has a lot of complexes and doesn’t trust anyone. In love he is very reserved emotionally and sexually, and it effects his marriage in a negative way. In life of this man there is always a goal, for which he will be ready to sacrifice his private life.
Some people think that Capricorn prefers a marriage of convenience and it is really like that because he chooses his life partner very carefully. Love from the first sight or hasty marriage is not in his nature. However, after he made his decision and got married, he becomes a loyal and faithful spouse. If in family life he succeeds in reaching mutual understanding, love can be gentle and romantic even though it will scarcely be passionate.  
    Anyway, his marriage won’t be easy and unclouded. Family life of the representative of this zodiac sign becomes complicated because of lots of requirements to his partner and lots of self-restrictions. The article Compatibility of  Capricorn will tell you about the most favourable alliances for this sign. In detail about characteristics of men and women of this zodiac constellation you can read in the following pages: Capricorn man and woman.

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