Zodiac sign of Gemini

    Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac. Its period starts on the 22nd of May and ends on the 21st of June – exactly during this time the Sun is in the zodiac constellation of Gemini.
•    The element - Air
•    The symbol of Gemini – twins
•    The planet - Mercury
•    Lucky numbers are 3, 5, 12, 18.
•    Time of success: Wednesday, Saturday.
•    A dangerous time: Thursday.
•    Suitable colors for sign of Gemini are: orange, yellow, gray, purple.

Characteristics of Gemini

    So now we are going to present you a zodiac sign of Gemini, we will discuss its characteristics, its behaviour and actions in love, in career, in friendship. Mercury, the planet which base its personality, is situated in the closest position to the Sun. the speed of its revolution exceeds the speeds of other planets. One side of the planet is always turned to the Sun, the other side never sees it. This speed and duality are basic characteristics of Gemini.

The personality of Gemini

    The representatives of this zodiac sign are always rush at full speed in life and they are always scared not to have time to do something. The element of Air makes their personality communicative and easy in contacts with other people, changeable and perfunctory. It is very hard for Gemini to finish what they have already started to do. Their features are vitality, capacity, good intuition and perspicacity. Their personality and the influence of the element Air make them fidgets, they are very energetic, active and inconsistent. They are always looking for something new. They can get new information very fast, that’s why they are good students.
    Mercury, which patronizes the zodiac sign of Gemini, also influences all mental processes, that’s why one of their most important characteristics is intellectuality. People who were born under this zodiac constellation always reach success in life. They are innate orators, they can persuade everyone about anything, everything they say seems to be true. Their nature is so changeable that his mood changes every second. In bad  mood they can make wrong decisions and regret about it later.
    Gemini has a dual nature and a dual personality. They can be happy and unhappy at the same time. They can have absolutely opposite feelings and be honest about it. Their inconstancy extends to everything in their lives – to love, to friendship, to career, to family. They change their preferences, habits and desires. This zodiac sign has a rich imagination, they are tend to dream and their dreams always change. It is very easy and comfortable to communicate with these people, they are nice and attractive. They are just good to talk to.

External characteristic of Aries

    A typical representative of Gemini is a man of medium height, active and slim. To find out that in front of you is this zodiac sign you can because of his communicative skills. Features of his face are delicate and pointed, their appearance is quite attractive and handsome.

Career of Gemini

    Fate and career of Gemini accurately reflects their nature and personality. Their life is an endless successes and failures. It is very difficult for them to focus on the one thing, even if it is very important. The nature gave them lots of talents, they only need a little grit to succeed in career and in life. Exactly this grit and purposefulness is what they don’t have enough. If Gemini will do what they are interested in, to what they have native skills, where they always get new impressions and where they are in a whirl of events, they will succeed.
   Zodiac sign of Gemini has a witty brain, creative skills, which with combination of resourcefulness, oratory and innate charm let them score a success in career and business. Eentrepreneurship is a field where nobody can compete with them. Here their changeability, energy and activity are demanded. Besides, most of the representatives of this sign have outstanding writing skills and they can make a career on it.

Gemini in love

    In love Gemini are always looking for something or someone. It is difficult for them to be loyal and faithful to one partner. Very often but not always during their life they make few families. Even though they are not so interested in marriage. They like to attract new people, to communicate with different men or women. The interest in partner is cognitive and educational mostly. Unfortunately they can’t keep an emotional and physical passion not for a long time, nor for life. Gemini are excitable, inventive and impatient,  and only if their partner can satisfy their needs for new feelings and emotions, they will be together for a long time.
     Gemini are good and faithful friends, but they are far from being best friends. Family and love are two different things for them. Nevertheless, an alliance with Gemini is always interesting and amazing, it is full of rich intellectual and spiritual life. Scarcely someone will regret about being with Gemini, even if its not forever.
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