Zodiac sign of Leo

    The time when the Sun stays in zodiac constellation of Leo is from 23rd of July to 23rd of August. During this very period the representatives of the most powerful and generous zodiac sign are born.
•     The element – Fire.
•    The planet – the Sun.
•    Lucky numbers are 1, 5, 9, 11.
•    Time of success: Tuesday, Sunday.
•    A dangerous time: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: golden, orange, scarlet, black.

Characteristics of Leo

    So let’s describe zodiac sign of Leo. We are going to tell you about his main characteristics, how he acts in life, in communication with other people, with family. Also we are interested in his career, his life goals and self-development, in love and friendship.
    Zodiac sign of Leo is a representative of the Fire element, which means that his main traits are energy and power, craving for authority and victory. At the same time the Sun gives his nature kindness and generosity, making him regal sign, the greatest and the most powerful.  

The personality of Leo

    Common characteristics of Leo are: strength, stamina, courage, creativity, kindness and breadth of soul. After all he can be rather vain. His ambitions doesn’t let him stop, he is always seeking to new victories, to reach new purposes and goals. To fulfil himself he has a lot of inherent abilities and skills. His nature is a nature of winner and ruler. He is innate leader and head. All representatives of zodiac sign of Leo are striving to control everything and everybody. All their lives they are trying to win, to become successful and to be a man with a high standing. The personality of Leo is a nature of self-confident man with physical and spiritual powers. He is capable of great success. He is also ready to take any chances in order to achieve everything.  
    In life zodiac sign of Leo relies only on himself, never asks for help anyone, refuses other people’s advices. He can make mistakes but he will never regret about the experience he got from them. Step by step he is making progress and them finally he becomes really successful. He likes a lifestyle of rich, luxurious and expensive stuff, delights, sport, entertainment. His traits are generosity, tenderness of feelings, friendliness, nobleness, sincerity and trustfulness.
    But with all these splendid characteristics Leo also has negative traits in his nature. For example, his excessive pride, vanity, stubbornness. He thinks that there are only 2 opinions in this world: his opinion and the wrong one. He doesn’t have such traits as patience and humility at all. He believes that always and everywhere he is right and nobody should doubt about it. He likes to be in the center of attention, to feel an attraction of people. He suffers when people don’t notice him. He always needs to be praised and flattered, that’s why it is easy to lie to him.   

External characteristic of Leo

   A typical external characteristic of of zodiac sign of Leo is a massive figure with prominent features. His body is brawny and well-developed physically, an upper part of the body is more strong than a lower one. Leo is always noticeable even if his clothes is unpretentious. His look is always opened, he always looks at the eyes of people when he talks.

Career of Leo

    Career is the most important thing in life of Leo. For his career Leo is ready to work beyond his limits and he has chances to reach success. On the one hand, we can call him a fortune’s minion, but on the other hand, he really deserves all his success because he made all that by himself. After overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles he gets all the chances to succeed. Leo is very purposeful, that’s why he always gets what he wants, no matter what he have to do to get it.
     Among the representatives of zodiac sign of Leo there are a lot of serious rulers, commanders, masters of destinies of the whole nations. And all that because of the fact that he is ready to defy the destiny and to fight face to face. The result of this fight is only one – his ultimate and unreserved victory. His main trump cards are an enormous fund of energy and extraordinary persistence. Workload and the process of overcoming difficulties give him pleasure and make him even more strong and powerful. His life and his career in his own hands and he is the one who owns his destiny.  

Leo in love

    In love zodiac sign of Leo is a hot and passionate partner, who is capable for deep and sincere feelings. But to implement these feelings he has to trust his partner completely. That’s why not all his relationships comes to happy end.
     Private life of zodiac sign of Leo depends on his imagination. He creates a perfect image in his mind and he is searching for it. When he meets somebody who is close to be perfect, he starts to idolize him. But with the lapse of time he becomes less naive and he is disappointed in his partner. However, to be in hard marriage is more easier for Leo than to divorce, because family for him is very important. In family life he is very patient and can handle a lot of things. Unfortunately, one day he can’t be patient anymore and he leaves, burning his bridges.
     The article Compatibility of zodiac sign of Leo will tell you about the most suitable signs for him, additional information about this zodiac sign you can find on the pages: Leo man and woman.


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