Zodiac sign of Libra

    The Sun stays in zodiac constellation of Libra from the 24th of September to 23rd of October. During this time the representatives of this zodiac sign are born.
•     The element - Air
•    The planets – Venus and Chiron
•    Lucky numbers are 2, 6, 7, 8, 15.
•    Time of success: Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
•    A dangerous time: Tuesday, Sunday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: dark blue, green, motton blue, all pastel shades.

The constellation of Libra

    The constellation of Libra is the 7th in the zodiac circle. The representatives of this zodiac sign are ruled by two planets: Venus is a patroness of love, beauty and wealth, Chiron is a symbol of balance and justice. The element of Air makes Libra active and sober-minded, he always tries to find compromises and to get along with people without having any conflicts. The representatives of the zodiac constellation of Libra are calm and reasonable people. Venus gives them success and luck, Chiron helps them to know what to do in any difficult situation.

Characteristic of Libra

    So let’s give a characteristic of Libra and find out the main traits of his personality. We will know what kind of people they are, how they behave in daily life, work and family. You will also know how they are love, relationship and private life.

Personality of Libra

    Zodiac sign of Libra is a connoisseur of the beautiful, is an aesthete, striving for the golden mean. Their nature and personality are discrepant, it is hard for them to be in harmony. The representatives of this constellation adore people and hate the crowd. The personality of Libra makes them active and lively, but very seldom they are in a hurry, they are smart and naïve at the same time, they hate rudeness, but by accident they can offend people they love. The basic characteristic of Libra is discrepancy of their nature. This sign always hesitates, balances, he can go from one extreme to another in a search of balance. Sometimes it seems that there are two different people in his personality.
    Characteristic of Libra is their aspiration to stability, comfort, partnership and comradeship. However, in contacts they are very selective, not always they keep in touch with the strongest of this world. The sign of Libra often find himself in discrepant situations. Life makes them choose and they really need to do it. In such cases they are indecisive and unconfident. To make a decision, they try to predict and to count everything, but as more they think, as more they doubt and hesitate.
    The zodiac sign of Libra blossoms only in atmosphere of amicability and approval. Stressful situations make him sad and influence his health in negative way. Apparently that’s why the representatives of this zodiac sign avoid conflicts, try to eliminate them and get out of the negative energy. Disharmony and imbalance influence them negatively. Libra is born to be sensible and keep a balance. They can become great diplomats, politicians, who can work for two different sides and have a profit in both of them.

External characteristic of Libra

    In external characteristics of Libra there is nothing special that can differ them from all other zodiac signs. His only feature is a gentle, charming, mysterious smile. Their figure is harmonic and expressive. They watch over their appearance and look perfect, they have a good taste.

 Destiny and career of Libra

    Zodiac sign of Libra always hesitates, balancing from one side to another. That’s why periods of happiness and prosperity in the destiny of Libra change into periods of slump and disappointment. Wellbeing and career of this sign is reached by him usually on the second half of his life. But by the highest standards the fortune and the destiny are favourable to Libra, he just has to know how to use it.
     Material success and professional career of Libra depend on his negotiation skills. Negotiations, agreements, endorsements – he is very good in it. He know how to communicate and to get on well with people of different kinds. But, unfortunately, his indecision and doubtfulness can stop them on their way to success. Because of finding out all the pros and cons, Libra often miss a lot of chances and destiny’s gifts.

Libra in love

    In love Libra doesn’t have enough deep of emotions and power of feelings. The representatives of this constellation are not supporters of long relationship. They love the beauty of relationship itself, they are in love not with exact person, but with love itself. That’s why love for Libra is love to external things: pretty face, beautiful body, fashionable clothes, etc. Their love is based on the first impression of the opposite sex, not on psychological compatibility. Libra always hesitates when he chooses between two partners, he can have few affairs at the same time. With all that their mildness and indecision in love let them nor to say yes, neither no, they wait till the problem will be solves by itself.   
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