Pisces horoscope

    Zodiac sign of Pisces is the 12th sign in zodiac circle, the last one. The representatives of this sign are people who are born during the period from the 20th of February to 20th of March. During this time the Sun stays in the zodiac constellation of Pisces.
•    The element - Water
•    The planets – Neptune, Jupiter
•    Pisces symbols – two fishes, swimming in opposite sides
•    Lucky numbers; 6, 7 and all numbers which are divisible by 7 and 11.
•    Time of success: Thursday, Friday.
•    A dangerous time: Wednesday, Saturday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: cardinal, purple, blue, violet.

Pisces constellation

    Before we will give characteristics of zodiac sign of Pisces, let’s see what planets influence this sign. It is Neptune and Jupiter. In ancient cultures Neptune was a patron of sea. This planet is used to symbolize ocean, chaos, which includes a lot of possibilities. Neptune gives to Pisces mental phenomenon and sensibility, deep intuition and an ability to love. From Jupiter this zodiac sign receives self-confidence, lucky fate and a huge source of energy.  

Pisces characteristics

    So, we are going to give characteriistics of Pisces, we will know what kind of people are the representatives of this sign, what kind of personality they have, what life principles they use. We will also analyze, how they act in love and marriage, in career and friendship, in work and family.

External Pisces characteristics

    An external characteristic of Pisces depends on their spiritual mood. It is very changeable sign and his appearance depends mostly on his mental and emotional state. His glance is usually directed to himself or goes somewhere in space and it makes him even more attractive. These people never look at you in the eyes and sometimes it makes their communication with people more difficult.   

Personality of Pisces

    The personality of Pisces is a personality of redeemer, who takes all the negative on himself, clearing all the people from it. It is the main mission of all the representatives of this zodiac sign. Sympathy, compassion, an ability to display traits of every sign and at the same time estrangement from the world – it is characteristics of Pisces. But all these noble traits belong not to all the representatives of this zodiac sign. There is another type of Pisces – inferior ones. Their personality is dual and unreliable, they can easily betray at any time. These people promise a lot, but don’t keep their promises, they are looking just for profit and they are not decent.  
    The personality of Pisces has one special characteristic: they always identify themselves with surrounding atmosphere, their behavior depends on habitat. This constellation is influenced by people, but usually it happens unconsciously. This sign thinks and feels in the same way as people he communicates with and he doesn’t realize it. The personality of Pisces doesn’t have strength of will, that’s why in life they have to form an inward motivation to be able to resist people’s influence. Characteristic of this sign is a lot of contradictions of their nature and their symbol shows that.      
    Positive characteristics of Pisces is an ability to understand other people and to sympathize them. For the help to other people most of the representatives of this constellation can sacrifice a lot. With all that, this sign is pretty vulnerable, he suffers from people’s pain and perceives it as his own. The main trait of Pisces is humanity, charity and optimism. They perceive the world by intuition, they can see beauty and harmony that is inaccessible to constellations. Their task is to bring a divine love to the world, compassionate their family and friends and help them to develop themselves spiritually.   

Career of Pisces

     The way in life and career of Pisces are usually complicated and full of bad luck and worries. They are striving to build career and reach material well-being, but to reach success by themselves is almost impossible for them. For successful career they need someone’s strong hand, maybe a sponsor or a source of inspiration. Especially it is referred to career of Pisces men. They have a lack of will and persistence, it is hard for them to take a decision and choose a right way, they prefer making plans. On the other hand, it is not so difficult for them to become rich and to build a successful career as they have a key to all doors – an ability to gain people. But more often this sign finds his quiet harbor where he stays for the whole life in silence and peace. At the same time, his career can be based on their creativity. Among the representatives of this zodiac constellation there are a lot of musicians, artists, writers, psychologists and astrologists.    

Pisces in love

    In love the representatives of Pisces are idealists and romantics, it is easy to fascinate them. They thirst for supernatural love and during the whole life they wait for their perfect partners. This zodiac sign is very emotional and impressionable. Aquarius desire to love and to be loved is ineradicable for him. Men and women of this constellation are inclined to be into partner, their emotions and feelings are very strong. If Pisces are disappointed, they can be in depression. They don’t have an inward motivation that could make them be strong.
    Sexual life for Pisces is not so important. They know how to replace it – with dreams, imagination, visions, and they are ready for this replacement. They are capable of Platonic love more than any other signs.
    Men and women of zodiac sign of Pisces have a lot of differences. Mostly it can be described with the fact that women are more strong and willing than men. In detail you can read about it in the article Pisces man and woman. The page Compatibility will tell you about favorable and unfavorable alliances of this sign.     


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