Zodiac sign of Sagittarius

    The representatives of zodiac sign of Sagittarius are people who are born during the period from the 23rd of November to 22nd of December. During this time the Sun stays in the zodiac constellation of Sagittarius.
•    The element - Fire
•    The planets – Jupiter
•    Symbol – shot, centaur
•    Lucky numbers are all numbers which are divisible by 3.
•    Time of success: Thursday.
•    A dangerous time: Wednesday, Saturday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: blue, purple, crimson.

Constellation of Sagittarius

     The constellation of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter - the planet of luck. In astrology Jupiter is thought to be a planet of happiness. It gives the representatives of this zodiac sign charisma and luck. People of this sign succeed easily, they are respectful and they always stand high in people’s esteem. Jupiter is such a generous planet that the representatives of this zodiac sign are always in the right place at the right time. The element of Fire gives Sagittarius organization skills, vitality, optimism, love of life and life returns him for the same.

Characteristic of Sagittarius

    Here we are going to give u a characteristic of Sagittarius, which includes traits of his personality and nature, his life principles and world outlook. You will be able to know everything about his career, how he acts in work and family, in love and friendship. We will also discuss what marriage means to him and how you should build the relationship with Sagittarius.

Personality of Sagittarius

    The main traits of Sagittarius are cheerfulness, optimism and open-mindedness. They always think in a positive way, in every situation they try to find something good and positive, no matter how hard it is. That’s why the destiny is favourable to them. But before the sign of Sagittarius succeed, he has to overcome a lot of trials and problems, he has to cross seven seas to find his ideal which actually is hidden in himself. His Personality is based on principles and rather conservative, he tries to consider all his decisions and actions, to plan everything to finally reach success. And usually he gets what he wants. The only thing that can stop this zodiac sign is his impulsion and straightforwardness of his nature. He should learn how to wait and control emotions.
    The characteristics of Sagittarius are: communicative skills, frankness and sincerity. This sign is not able to lie. Intrigues and gossips isn’t his kind of thing, he is straightforward and honest. With all that such traits of his personality as tactfulness and delicacy are not peculiar to Sagittarius, but it is not because he wants to offend people, it is just because his position is to say what he thinks, to be frank and sincere. His characteristic are generosity and kindness, independence and freedom of thoughts and actions. This zodiac sign will never allow anybody to infringe upon his interests, encroach on his liberty.

External characteristic of Sagittarius

    The external characteristics of Sagittarius are charm and inflammatory smile which infect all the people with optimism. Positive attitude of this zodiac sign also influences his appearance: he usually looks sold and imposing, gives the impression of strong and important personality. The representatives of this sign prefer fashionable and prestigious clothes, expensive perfumes and perfect aspect which completely represents successful people.  

Career of Sagittarius

    Sagittarius has all chances to become successful in his career. Native charm helps him to gain authority and hold high post which is the main aspiration for Sagittarius. His vocation is to lead and organize. And actually he needs career as his power, or more as his audience which will respect him and admire. This sign needs recognition, it is important for him that people are admired by him, they respect him and consider his opinion.
    Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, perhaps, is the only sign which needs just a strong desire to become rich and successful in career. The reason for that is a sincere belief in success, positive attitude and luck. It can be a lucky marriage or fortune or influential sponsors or just lucky coincidence – something always helps them to succeed. In whole, it is a very successful person in life, career and marriage.

Sagittarius in marriage

    Sagittarius’s attitude to marriage is an attitude to necessary institution. He can get on well not with a lot of people, but he starts relationships easily and with the same ease finishes it, contriving to stay good friends with ex-partner. He is lucky in marriage as he is lucky in everything in his life, but not everyone likes his personality. In love Sagittarius is idealist and adventurer. In everything connected to affections, emotions and sex they are absolutely normal, they don’t have any complexes owing to this condition. While they are married, they are not looking for love affairs, but his admirers are everywhere, no matter where he goes: in business trips, in picnics, in gym. Sagittarius always shows his feelings, he can’t keep his emotions inside.
    There are few differences in destinies and natures of men and women of this zodiac sign. You can read about it in the articles: Sagittarius man and woman. Suitable and unsuitable signs for Sagittarius are in the page Compatibility of Sagittarius.


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