Zodiac sign of Scorpio

    The period when the Sun stays in zodiac constellation of Scorpio is from 24th of October to 22nd of November. During this period the representatives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio, the most mysterious and secretive people, are born.  
•     The element - Water
•    The planets – Pluto and Mars
•    Lucky numbers are 4, 5, 8, 9.
•    Time of success: Tuesday.
•    A dangerous time: Monday, Friday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: red, scarlet, crimson.

The constellation of Scorpio

    The element of Water rules this zodiac constellation. It makes the representatives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio sensitive, emotional and impressionable. The planets of this sign, Pluto and Mars gives him fearlessness and determination, an ability to focus on in the most extreme situations and to make right decisions quickly. He is able to dear any struggle, to rise from the ashes for a new life. Besides, Mars and Pluto make give him a strong sexual energy, which becomes his main motive power.

Characteristic of Scorpio

    So we are going to give a characteristic of Scorpio, we will know the distinctive traits of his nature, what kind of temperament and lifestyle he has. We are also interested in his life, work, career, love and relationship with friends and colleagues, members of his family.   

Personality of Scorpio

    The personality of Scorpio is one of the most complicated and mysterious among all the zodiac signs. Psychological characteristic of Scorpio is the fact that he is the strongest zodiac sign with incredible intuition and an ability to read people’s minds. The representatives of this zodiac sign are considered to be inherent magicians and they often succeed on this field. The main characteristic of Scorpio is an aspiration to transformation, self-improvement and rebirth. According to his personality, his life consists of ups and downs, and as lower he falls, as higher he rises. With all that he shows his strong unbending will and waste a lot of emotions. But nobody notice these emotions and feelings because all his passions boil inside him, he is very reserved and unsociable person.   
    After all, the personality of Scorpio is derisive and spiteful, there are no secrets for him in man’s nature. For him every person is an open book, which he can easily read and learn. Other people think that he is an attractive and charismatic person. He knows how to rule over his inherent energies and powers, how to persuade people and how to make them do what he wants. Characteristic of Scorpio is an aspiration to power and authority, a constancy in everything – opinions, love, attachments and antipathies.
    Also to characteristic of Scorpio we can add his wit and aspiration to new knowledge and spiritual growth. He is strict to himself and to other people, but his courage, the power of the spirit, determination and fearlessness makes him very magnetic, and his ability to produce an impression and to attract attention brings a lot of people to him.  

External characteristic of Scorpio

    The appearance of Scorpio usually cannot express that it is a strong person in front of us. But the strength of his personality is not physical, it is spiritual. He can look like an ordinary man, but there is always something mysterious and attractive in his appearance that differs him from other people. He always looking straight in eyes of a person, his sight is always serious, deep and piercing, feels like he is scanning your soul with his eyes.

 Life, work and career of Scorpio

   Life of Scorpio is quite balanced. His youth is a period of emotions and changes. Success in his career he has when he is older than 30. his life depends mostly on the way how he manages his inward energy. Scorpio fulfils himself in work and creativity, in business and enterprise, it is the best option for him. But if it doesn’t happen, he can have a self-destruction and after that he won’t be able to live a good life.
It is well-know that in up-to-date world only the strongest become successful and rich. Zodiac sign of Scorpio is believed to be one of them. In his life there is everything to achieve success and to have a prosperous career: energy, brains, single-mindedness, persistence, intuition and an ability to understand other people’s motives. There are no obstacles for Scorpio in life, he can overcome any difficulty. The only problem of him is to manage himself, his inner passions and emotions. His mission is not to make enemies, to manage his emotions impulses of anger and so he will succeed in life, in career and in family. 

Scorpio in love

    From a perspective of love, Scorpio is the most sexy sign, he has an incredible sexual power. But his love affairs often make him suffer. His love is very emotional, passionate, sensitive and he has all that inside. Sometimes his love turns into the lost of his partner, who is tired of grasping nature of Scorpio. The representatives of this zodiac sign are jealous but they can’t do anything with it. In themselves they are faithful and loyal to their families.   
    Love of Scorpio and his sexual energy influence his mood and his behaviour a lot. When everything is okay on his life, he has a positive energy, he is shining and ready to share his happy mood with other people. But if he has «rainy days» in love, if he suffers and worries, you should stay away from him.
     Everything mentioned above refers equally to men and women of this zodiac constellation. However, Scorpio men are more restrained and stable psychologically and you can make sure of it in the page Scorpio man. Scorpio women are more responsible and reliable, which is evident in the article Scorpio woman. To see what zodiac sign are suitable for Scorpio visit page Compatibility. 


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