Zodiac sign of Taurus

    Taurus is the second sign of zodiac. Sun is in constellation of Taurus from April 21 to May 21. It is a period when representatives of this sign are born.  

• The element is Earth.
• Its planet is Venus.
• A symbol is a bull.
• Its lucky numbers are 2, 4, 16.
• Time of success: Monday, Friday.
• A dangerous time: Tuesday, Wednesday.
• Suitable colors for this sign are yellow, blue and orange.

Characteristics of Taurus

      Let's give a description of Taurus, find out what is the nature of the representatives of this zodiacal constellation, how they act, work and love in life.

The personality of Taurus

      It is believed that to be born as the sign of Taurus is a great success. With the energy of Venus, which gives him beauty, harmony, love and welfare, sign Taurus is created in order to prosper. And the nature of Taurus allows him to prosper in everything: in love, in finances, with friends, knowledge, spiritual values. Element of the earth gives him such characteristics as practicalness, patience, strength, persistence. Taurus people always know exactly what they want, and  work hard for it, sparing no effort and do not rely on luck or fortune. And most of all their efforts are not in vain. Taurus’s personality allows him to achieve a lot in life, to become rich and respected by people in society.
    As it was already mentioned, one of the main characteristics of the Taurus is practicalness. The motto of this sign is "to acquire, to store, to possess". Taurus, due to his personality, is able to transfer ideas from the spiritual to the material. Characteristics of Taurus are: to build, to create, to increase. In all his actions He follows common sense. They are materialists and pragmatists, for whom comfort, pleasure, and prosperity are very important. On the way to material wellbeing representatives of the sign Taurus are ready to overcome any obstacle, their goal is not greed or passion for hoarding, but need to feel comfortable and happy.
     Another important characteristic of this sign is steadiness and emotional stability. It is very hard to get him out of himself, but it is even more difficult to convince him of something. If he believes in something, he can give up his beliefs only in one case: if he will be disappointed in what he has believed. His nature is quite stubborn and conservative, yet characteristic of Taurus are: responsibility, constancy in everything, reliability. In the nature of Taurus is to stick to a certain established order, go to your goals, slowly but surely, and it enables him to achieve significant success in life.

External characteristic of Taurus

      External characteristic of Taurus are: calm, affable, friendly. Figure of representative of sign Taurus is harmonious, despite a tendency to gain weight. Taurus men are usually large and solid. Women of this sign are extremely attractive and charming, they have a round shape and they  are always surrounded by a lot of fans.

Job and career of Taurus

      Youth of representatives of sign Taurus is often restive, full of need, hardship and many obstacles to work, career and life. However, in the second half of life there is a period of prosperity. These people are serious and practical, they plan life by several years before. Taurus men make a career step by step by moving towards their goals, and eventually their persistence pays off: they get everything they wanted for a long time.
    In a career of Taurus there is no such a problem - to get rich. He gets rich if only he knows the value of money and is able to save it. But his career is moving fairly slowly because of his slowness and conservatism. He need to change something in his life. To take something special to start a new business is a big problem for the sign of Taurus. It is hard for him to adapt to new things, and it might interfere with his work and career. The most successful career of Taurus is in economics, trade, banking and in real estate. His work will be successful in hotel and restaurant businesses, trade and consumer services. No matter what his job is but he always take it very seriously and responsible. He is not inclined to frequent change of job, and if he is satisfied with his position and his income, he will build a career to benefit himself and society.

Taurus in love

      In love, Taurus is constant and passionate, but passion becomes apparent in him not from the start, but as soon as he decide for himself that the selected partner meets his requirements. He is one of the most sensual sign, as it is ruled by Venus - the patron of love. Taurus signs in love crave for tenderness and affection, in sex they prefer a passive role, waiting for the activity of a partner.
      In marriage, he is usually loyal, attentive and caring spouse. However, married and in love Taurus is disclosed only if he is financially stable and is solvent. Venus is the patron not only of love, but also of money, so financial and sexual life are connected in life of Taurus.
      More information about the features of the zodiac sign Taurus and its representatives will tell you the articles: Taurus man and woman, and what signs of the zodiac fit Taurus – the article compatibility.


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