Zodiac sign of Virgo

    The period when the Sun stays in zodiac constellation If Virgo is from 24th of August to 23rd of September. During this time representatives of the sixth zodiac sign are born.
•    The element of Virgo - Earth
•    The planets – Mercury and Proserpine
•    Lucky numbers for zodiac sign of Virgo are 3, 5, 6, 12, 20, 27.
•    Time of success: Wednesday, Saturday.
•    A dangerous time for zodiac sign of Virgo: Thursday, Friday.
•    Suitable colors for this sign are: white, purple, green.

Characteristics of Virgo

    Right no we are going to characterize the personality of Virgo, understand the main traits of his personality, his principls, temperament and aspirations. We will know what career means for him, how he acts in love, friendship and family life.
     Zodiac sign of Virgo is a representative of the element of Earth, which symbolizes immobility and firmness, stability and static nature. The Earth element gives him pragmatism and realism, a compelling logic and common sense. Two planets base his nature – Mercury and Proserpine. The first planet gives him brilliant intellectual abilities, and the second – punctuality, analytical skills, accuracy of thinking.

The personality of Virgo

    Characteristics of Virgo are practicalness, steadiness and composure. His nature has such qualities as diligence, an ability to overcome difficulties, persistence. The representatives of Zodiac sign of Virgo are ready to work as long as they have to reach their goals. They always have this purpose, and it is real and precise, not virtual or idealistic. They don’t like to dream too much, work for them is a sense of life, they hate idleness and inactivity. Their characteristics are rationalism and clear logic. Their mind is always clear and they don’t have any illusions nor about life, neither about other people.
    Zodiac sign of Virgo is an intellectual sign. They are always striving for new knowledge. Their memory is perfect, they also have a developed ability to systematize and analyze information. Maybe that’s why there favorite thing to do is to criticize. However, they don’t know hot to react on criticism, they are too proud and always overreact when they hear any remarks directed to them. Such traits as practicalness, economy and an ability to influence people make them invulnerable to criticism.
    In family life of Virgo everything is all right. Here they are careful, neatly, exact and pedantic. Even in his private life everything is logical and with common sense. Of course they have feeling and passion, but emotional constraint and regular self-control don’t give them a chance to share their feelings. That’s why they seem to be cold and inaccessible.   

External characteristic of Virgo

    Typical external characteristic of Virgo is a slim flat body without any shapes. His nature is modest and shy, they don’t usually like to attract attention to their personality. Their face expression is usually serious and severe, the features are thin and well-drawn. Even if the representative of this sign is a famous and influential person, he is always so modest as nobody can understand his high social status.   

Career of Virgo

    In childhood and youth the representatives of Virgo usually have big troubles. In a mature age their career succeeds, they often get a high social position and a material well-being. Their career and success they get by themselves after a couple of hard-working years. Excellent hard-working skills, persistence and practicalness are merits to his successful career. However, this sign know how to earn money and how to spend it economically. Virgo is very practical, he saves money everywhere and it gives them a chance to make savings and manage their finances.
    Building his career, he knows how to win the respect of his colleagues and managers. Representatives of this sign know how to gain people, they don’t conflict and are very frielndly. With their eloquence, an ability to persuade people and outstanding intellectual powers Virgo wins sympathies of other people and it helps him in his career. He is broad-minded person, he is witty, erudite, and has a common sense, all that provides him chances to reach a lot in life, no matter what field they choose.     

Virgo in love

    In love the representatives of the zodiac sign of Virgo are usually restrained or even cold. The reason for that is his critical attitude to love. His developed and analytical mind which is used to estimate everything and to order everything and even such irrational concept as love, can’t be unbent. They are used to analyze absolutely everything, even their feelings, trying to make it logical.   
   Virgo in love is the most loyal and faithful spouse. His love is based on stable foundation. First they create economic, social and housing base and only after that they are looking for superstructure – life partner. Being very practical and pragmatic, they will never sacrifice their composure and organized life for affairs.  
In relationship and love Virgo is as shy as in other fields in life, that’s why it is quite difficult for them in the beginning of relationship. They don’t know how to behave, how to express their feeling and emotions. In love their actions speak louder than words, but not every partner can understand and appreciate it. To know about suitable signs for Virgo read the article Compatibility. Full description of men and women of Virgo you will find on the following pages: Virgo man and Virgo woman.  

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